YouTube Changes to Integrate with Google+, Twitter & Facebook Videos

YouTube is more than cute animal videos, funny stuff, and stupid stunts. It grew up today.

Ignore at your own risk.

Any 8pm Warrior trying to get their message out or sell a remarkable service should be using YouTube.  Video cameras are built into nearly every smart phone and nothing captures the personality of a business like video.  Nothing.

I’m sharing from experience as a producer of several online shows and video productions that were created to build community and sell a product in a social savvy way.  Video changes the game.

Here’s why YouTube matters:

  • YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world (think SEO)
  • It is the largest video-based social network
  • Google+ is now integrated even closer with YouTube for additional community building (more on the way)
  • YouTube is simple to use and even offers a free video editing feature
  • Video is perfect for the Attention Era

YouTube made widespread changes to their channel formats today and I think it changes everything.  In the past it was millions of chaotic channels with long lists of video uploads that were hard to understand or group together.  Email subscription was the best way to keep up.  It was barely social.

That all changed today.

In what was probably the biggest upgrade since Google bought YouTube, channels can be restructured to display videos in the form of a series, much like a television network groups their shows together for DVR or On Demand.  It even tracks which episodes you’ve already watched in a series.

Each YouTube account also has a news feed feature, much like other social networks. To make it more social, the new YouTube is even more integrated with Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.  This makes it much easier for interested viewers to subscribe and interact with brands or personalities that they enjoy.  It keeps each channel fresh, even when no new videos are posted.

It’s a lot more like TV now.  It’s how it should be.

I really like it.

Channels Using the New YouTube Channel Upgrade

You can see screenshots of the new upgrades below:

New YouTube Channel Design



New YouTube News Feed with Google+ Integration



If you have any questions about the new YouTube upgrade, feel free to post the questions below, on the 8pm Warriors Facebook discussion forum, or on twitter @Biebert. I’ll do my best to answer or point you in the right direction.

Have a great night,


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11 comments on “YouTube Changes to Integrate with Google+, Twitter & Facebook Videos”

  1. Hi Aaron!! I saw the change yesterday on YouTube and was really impressed…didn’t spend a lot of time delving into yet but I definitely will.  You know how I love to use video for my office and, I completely agree…videos are the way to go ( I love the term “attention era” BTW)  AND videos are actually quite easy to do and with user friendly editing software like Sony Vegas, you can’t go wrong.  I am pleased to see that YouTube updated their look and features.  It will only make doing videos that much more pleasant!

    1. Claudia, I am very impressed with the YouTube upgrade.  Glad to see I’m not crazy.  :-)

      As for Attention Era, that’s something I’ve begun talking more about and am writing about in an upcoming book I’m working on.  I’m glad you like it.  I’ve got a secret project in the works revolving around it.

      Have a great day!

  2. Yo Aaron!

    I ended up getting this new design pushed out early somehow and it freaked me out! Lol.Youtube is so critical these days, almost any field can utilize it to some extent. I’m hard pressed to think of a field that can’t.I’m pretty excited about the news feed and G+ integration. Google has not been resting on their laurels. Even if some of the changes are not exactly winners IMHO (cough cough Google reader)…

    1. Yes, I saw the new features a bit earlier but was able to opt out until I had a plan figured out.  It’s important stuff for sure!

      It’s about time Google invested in upgrading it.  The other services were starting to become more attractive.
      Thanks for the comment John!

  3. I’ve been toying with the idea of using video on my blog as well as for marketing for my business. 

    This is simply another reason to get started.

    Thanks for your insight Aaron.

    1. James, I think you might really like it!

      Check out some of the video blogs I’ve started.  They are having fun with it and getting leads naturally:

      http// (currently producing) (produced Mike’s videos for first 9 months to help him get started)

      If you need any advice, I’d be happy to help.  

      Now’s the time…

    1. Lois, I think in your line of business it could be really great.  I’m starting to edit some of my talks and put parts on YouTube.  Your clients might benefit from having exposure and a sample online.

      Thanks for the comment and compliment.  Much appreciated!

  4. great article.  i linked my facebook and twitter account to my youtube channel, but don’t see links to those pages anywhere on my youtube page.  

    also, how does one go about setting up the channels like a DVR?

    1. Hi Barry,

      It’s odd, but YouTube isn’t showing Facebook or Twitter links, just using those links to pull the videos from your friends on those platforms.  I think they’re trying to avoid driving traffic away.

      As for the DVR channel setup (like Insider Show has), you need to create playlists, select the channel setup that has the big video on top and playists below, and then “manage playlists” to organize the videos in a series that makes sense.

      When it’s finished it should look like this:

  5. great article.  i linked my facebook and twitter account to my youtube channel, but don’t see links to those pages anywhere on my youtube page.  

    also, how does one go about setting up the channels like a DVR?

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