Why We’re Working On the Weekends

Do you work weekends too?

When I send an email or tweet to someone on a Friday evening, it’s always interesting to watch who responds before the weekend is over.  Those are the 8pm Warriors.

They are usually the most successful people I know.

8pm Warrior - Live Inspired - Follow Passion - Work Weekends

The interesting thing about their success is that it has nothing to do with actually working on the weekend, but rather why they’re working on the weekend.

Why do you do it?

Most people don’t work weekends because they like to enjoy a break from work. They want some time to do what they love and spend time with people they love. Me time.

I totally understand that.

However, when people do work they love and work with people they care about, every day is like the weekend. Their work is joyful and exciting and meaningful.

That is why they’re successful.  Not because they need to work weekends, but because they want to.  That is the key to success.

You must love what you do to be successful.

If you don’t love what you do Monday through Friday, get a new job or create one.

Live inspired.  Follow your passion.  Work weekends.

Have a great weekend,

Aaron @Biebert

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8 comments on “Why We’re Working On the Weekends”

  1. OOO! I have MISSED you! How are you? How is your world? Are you already Merry Christmas-ing? I am!! Happy Merry Blessed Christmas! ~ To you and ALL you love and hold dear, my brother warrior.

    Totally nailed it. (yeah, yeah, again.) Yes! And one step further- what makes it ALL work the way we ALL dream? LOVE. Love what you do, love who you are/ who you are becoming, who you are with, who you are doing it all for…. LOVE.

    1. I missed you too. Had a bit of time off and wanted to start writing again. Yesterday’s post made me sad because I made me realize how badly a community (8pm Warriors) can get hurt when there is no activity on my part.

      Hopefully I can get to a spot where I can breathe more and write more. I truly miss the group.

      You are right on about dreams and I should have added that in there. Maybe I’ll write a post just about it. Inspired by you.

      Merry Christmas to you and I need to get my butt up to Alaska sometime. :-)

      1. Yes you do! LOL, you and yours will always be welcome ~ anytime, wherever I am (No, I am not going anywhere!)

        And yes, although we may all be leaders in our own right ~ we need good Majors.

  2. I work on the weekend because it helps me have a more successful week. If I don’t accomplish certain things on the weekend, my week feels hurried and I’m not able to do the family and relaxation things I want to do without stress.

  3. I will always respond to emails pretty quickly, and I’ll respond to Facebook mentions (mostly banter). I have relaxed my Twitter responsiveness on the weekends to “when I get around to it” versus real-time. Gotta have SOME balance.

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