What Do You Make?

The things we make…make us.

That’s what Jeep declared last summer when they unveiled their newest creation.  I thought it was brilliant.


It just begs the question:   What do you make?

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”

– Unknown

I must make money to reach my life goal, but I decided to make something great along the way. You know what?

It “makes” me feel great.

  • When I make a difference, I feel different.
  • When I make someone happy, I am happy.
  • When I make magic happen, I feel magical.

Finally, when I make that last payment towards my life goal, I’m going to feel like a billion bucks.

You and your team must commit to making something special.  It’s a battle sometimes (especially in this economy), but it’s a battle worth fighting.

Fight it.  It’ll make you special.

Have a great night,


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10 comments on “What Do You Make?”

  1. I was doing my best to avoid so quickly bringing up the Beautiful, the Good, and the True. I figured I have spoken to these things too directly in my last two blog soups and even this forthcoming blog soup. But what can I do when they jump out at me like they did in the Jeep commercial?!

    I appreciate Aaron’s ambiguity on what he should make. His ambiguity is honest.

    Most of the answer, however, is right there in the simple words of Jeep’s narrator.

    Make things that are beautiful, good, and true. And that’s all I’m going to say for now on the matter. [grin]

    Recently on my blog: Blog Soup 2011.10.24 A Blogger’s Digest http://wp.me/pbg0R-tw

    1. Thank you Stan and I love your “Blog Soup”!

      I think your encouragement to make beautiful, good, and true things is wise. It’s not always easy, but I think it’s important.

      Thanks for the comment Stan!

  2. When a client says “I get it!” And you see them implementing things and doing things well, and it’s earning them business that helps them pay their mortgage… Well, that makes me happy.

    I feel like I’ve made a difference. I feel like I’ve helped someone accomplish something. In some small way, I’ve helped them become successful.

    1. Ricardo, I definitely agree with your feelings and have felt the same way.

      If you make success for your clients, you will be successful and feel successful.

      Thanks for making a difference man. I’ve been a big fan for a while.

  3. Aaron,

    Of the dozens of blog posts, hundreds of Facebook posts, and seemingly thousands of Tweets I see in my digital media streams, yours is the only one that has earned its own reserved icon space on my browser link bar.

    And I usually (95+%) agree with what you say. And on the things I disagree with, its usually more of a life experience difference than it is a vast philosophical one.

    This one is no exception.

    I recently posted (about 10 days ago) on my blog my thoughts on being in business not just to make money but to also make a difference. And I asked the question “Is your client better off now that they have met you?”

    The road we are on is unmapped and uncharted territory. And I feel (not fear) that it will become more difficult before it gets better. So if we aren’t making a difference then we are probably just making a noise.

  4. Another important and inspirational post Aaron, thank you.

    There’s this thing called Corporate Social Responsibility which you may know, is a concept where businesses and their people volunteer and contribute to the greater good of causes outside their own entity.

    True, profits are an essential, fundamental component of business, but values that go beyond revenue and shareholder value are at the core of some of today’s most successful enterprises.

    1. You bet!

      Thanks for the encouragement and insight. Obviously, you’re “making” something special and it shows. It’s always good to see an old friend around these parts.

      Thanks for the comment.

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