We’re all Minorities Now

I see it in business, politics, race relations, religion, and life.

People are obsessed with the majority.

Sadly, the majority tends to make decisions without much consideration for the other side, resulting in poor long-term results, repression, or even genocide.  Consequently, the majority gets all the blame and the minority spends too much time making excuses, pushing back, or waiting until they become the majority.

Time for a change in thinking.


The world is getting smaller and new strategies are needed.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

I’m a married, white, Christian that votes for a major American political party.  Years ago, that would have put me in the majority, yet in every single one of those categories, I am now the minority in most major US cities.  Who would have thought?

On a global level, the change to minority status is even bigger.

My language, dietary preferences, fashion sense, and nationality put me squarely in the minority when dealing with international business.

We’re all minorities now.


The world has come to our backyard and now our race, political affiliation, language, religion, and fashion actually put us in the minority.  Are you ready?

When we swim down the stream from our little pond to the big ocean, we find out the truth.  Our traditional majorities are not only meaningless, but they might cause us to lean on the wrong strength for a globalized world.

Most people on Earth don’t speak a certain way, have a certain look, believe a certain thing, or act a certain way.  Not even close.  Anyone living in a majority mindset is living in a fantasy land as the world gets more connected.  We won’t be able to ignore it.

The big world out there is full of our future clients, doctors, suppliers, friends, and business partners.

So now what?

Leaders need to change their understanding of strength and seek out opportunities to collaborate with others.  We need more partners.  We need to build more coalitions and seek more consensus when making decisions.  Common ground will be more valuable than higher ground.

The pride in any “majority” must be replaced with a newfound sense of wonder, awareness, and appreciation for others who are different.

It’s time to focus on common ground and common problems.

Have a good night,


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Published by Aaron Biebert

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6 comments on “We’re all Minorities Now”

  1. Great points, Aaron! The more interactions I have with those who are culturally different than me, the more I realize that I have in common with them and the more I realize I don’t have in common with other people in my own culture. We’re all different. We always have been. We’ve just let similarities like skin color become more important than they should be. We’re all unique individuals and we should use that fact to complement one another rather than to divide. Love the insight!

    1. Hey Doug, thanks for being the first comment.  Very brave.

      I’ve gotten a lot of private comments and people are really afraid of talking about this issue publicly.  Yet, this issue is important and you make a great point about how similar we really are.  Once we’re in the minority, it’s easier to see.

      Thanks for being brave.      

  2. Right On Aaron! The one minority status I enjoy is being a dad blogger in a world of MOM bloggers. I actually have the numbers working to my advantage for the first time in my life!

  3. Aaron,   I appreciated this post. It’s very insightful, very accurate, and very poignant.  Keep up the good thought and emotional leadership because the world needs it.

    Best,    Peter

    1. Hey Peter, thanks for visiting and for the comment.  I really appreciate the encouragement.  This one got some heat from some folks.  Glad to see there are others who see this point of view.

      Thanks so much.

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