Welcome Home Harley Riders!

For those of you who live in Milwaukee, you may have noticed the roughly 200,000 motorcycles rolling through the streets of our home town. You may know that this weekend is the 105th Birthday Party for Harley-Davidson, but after watching the parade this morning, I believe that this event is something much bigger. This is one of the biggest events ever for Greater Milwaukee.

This evening over 100,000 people are watching Bruce Springsteen, and also more than 125,000 tickets were sold to “Harley Fest” at the Summerfest grounds. For comparison’s sake, that is more tourists than the Super Bowl or Olympic Opening Ceremonies. But when will we ever see a successful bid for an Olympic Games or find ourselves the selected city to host a Super Bowl. Not any time soon…

With food, drinks, lodging, fuel, and event tickets all being purchased right here is our local economy, this event is bringing millions of dollars of sales to our local businesses. Not to mention that all the great things we love our about Milwaukee will be on showcase for visitors from all 50 States and over 30 countries!

All in all, this week, there will be about 200,000 motorcycles and even more visitors to the city, and we should be thankful and eager to welcome them!

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