Using Twitter to Screen Job Candidates, Good Idea?

My production team is expanding!  I’m trying a different approach to screening and I’d like your feedback.

In the past, I’ve received hundreds of resumes for entry level positions like this one. It’s too much for busy leaders to dig through effectively, so I’m trying out a different way to screen candidates while recruiting.

They must use Twitter to apply.

I’m also thinking about conducting the initial interview via twitter as well so I can gauge the candidate’s ability to respond, engage, etc. using modern social media communication tools.  It should make the best candidates stick out.

Is this a good idea?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the strategy and the job posting itself. (Also, read my next post: Crowdsourcing a Hiring Decision?)

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20 comments on “Using Twitter to Screen Job Candidates, Good Idea?”

  1. Crazy & Unconventional is definitely my style also so I think it is a fantastic idea! In my opinion, I suspect this will be a trend in the near future. So heads up & go blaze that trail mister!

  2. If social networking is a big part of the job, then I think it’s very appropriate for a first interview. It might also be a time saver for both parties.

  3. I don’t see why not. Another suggestion might be to invite them to a Twitter chat and see how they respond in the open world. Engaging with you or a hiring manager is different than engaging with a community of peeps.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Excellent idea. I especially like Pam MktgNut’s idea. A chat would give you a lot of information in a short amount of time.

  5. I think it’s important to understand what the job the candidate is interviewing for. If it’s a job within the interactive marketing realm then it’s a crazy good idea. First, you get to understand the language that this candidate uses and that they are able to communicate their ideas effectively via 140 character snippets. Also, that they know how to speak social ( i.e. Hashtags, @mentions, short URLs, trending topics, video, photo and location sharing). And it’s fun! :)

  6. As another poster noted, IF social media is part of the job, I think this is an excellent way to screen candidates!

      1. To me, if it’s related to PR or Marketing, then that definitely includes the lead for social media.

  7. At first I find the idea offensive. The more it simmered in my heart, the more out grew in me. Now the idea seems brilliant. It forces the applicant the think creatively, and pack real content in only 140 char. I’d love to hear the results.

  8. Very non-conventional approach.

    I am seeing more and more stories of people being hired (or more usually fired) as a result of their behavior using social media venues like Facebook & Twitter (still wondering how Google+ will factor into this with it’s ability to limit content to specific “circles”).

    If I were a potential candidate I would be concerned about being in an “interview” via a Twitter Chat session. After all, anyone who follows my tweets would see the conversation (including friends, family, current/previous employers if they know my twitter handle). Private messages are one thing, but posting to the general feed is something else in my opinion.

  9. Definitely appropriate to any position with regards to Social Media possibly even marketing. I would question a leadership position being interviewed via Twitter though. An innovative approach, to be sure.

  10. Hi Aaron

    I wish I had these ideas about a year ago.
    When I was starting some thing new. I had
    started building a social media team about
    a year ago but some of the people just wasn’t
    rite and than i got sick so i had to give it up.
    When I got better and people seen my link on
    my page they asked if i was still doing it or going
    to start it back up again. I said i wasn’t sure because
    of my health rite now.

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