The Thing About Unions: An 8pm Warrior Protest

In the “old days” 13 year old kids were getting their arms chopped off in unsafe factories working for pennies.  I think we can all agree that a union of workers was understandable and needed for physical safety.

The world is different now.

Workplaces are now protected by laws and the threat of litigation.  Pay is protected by the demand for talented individuals.  Consequently, unions have slowly lost their usefulness for talented people and have been in a steady state of decline.  Meanwhile, 8pm Warriors around the world are struggling to make their way in this world with no guarantees, no pensions, no protection…a far cry from those in unions.  All we have is our talent, our ideas, and ambition…

So you can imagine my irritation when I woke up at my hotel in Chicago this morning and saw my home state on the front cover of the USA Today.  Here’s the situation.

I don’t normally comment on my feelings for unions because some of my leadership positions have required a good working relationship with them.  However, I feel compelled to say something because the schools in Wisconsin are shutting down as members of the teacher’s union drive students to the capitol to protest and some of our lawmakers are sitting in hotels somewhere in Chicago to avoid doing their jobs.

40,000 people are protesting in Madison, while almost 30,000,000 Americans have no jobs.

It’s ridiculous.

Since when does it make sense that public employees should be allowed more job security and less productivity requirements at the same time?  The governor is willing to avoid layoffs if these concessions are made.  But it’s not enough.

We’ve got a union problem, and your state will too…

Here are my 8pm Warrior protest demands:

  • Teachers should teach, or let unemployed teachers take their jobs.  Protest on weekends like the rest of us.
  • Lawmakers should cast votes.  If they don’t like the outcomes, they can blame the voters who voted for the “other side”.
  • Taxpayers need to demand efficiency and a balanced budget from their government.

Do you agree?

Have a great night,


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4 comments on “The Thing About Unions: An 8pm Warrior Protest”

  1. One of the most discouraging phonomenons around unions is it allows workers with low self-worth to bind with those who have over-stated their self-worth, and causes many single contributors to feel powerless without the crowd. Loosing one’s cool and becoming angry are instant indicators of a slip in self-worth.
    Whether in a union or not, you are a contributor, and your role a valuable person in society is to respect yourself to the point where you cannot feel disrespected by others, – and therefore cannot disrespect others by falling down on your duties to them in the job or allowing unfair compensation to make a victim of you.

    Namaste, Aaron. Keep the dialogue running.

  2. Andrea, that is a great point. Your thoughts also might explain why this has gotten so blown up in Madison. It is about more than money. It is self worth they are worried about. Nice perspective.

    One of the biggest challenges for me has been understanding why so many talented people would want to pay unions to negotiate their pay/benefits when I think they may be underpaid.

    Obviously, some are overpaid too…such is the nature of broad union pay arrangements. Talent levels don’t matter.

    A sad situation for any unionized 8pm Warriors…

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