The Cure for Agony

Agony [aguh-nee] – n.  intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain

We’ve all been there.

Saying goodbye to a loved one.  Closing down a family business.  Receiving bad health news.  Learning of infidelity.

You name it.

Since I’m still aching from the Badgers losing the Rose Bowl today, I figured I would discover the cure for agony.  Here’s the secret prescription I found:

  • Don’t love anyone
  • Don’t invest in anything
  • Don’t believe in anything
  • Don’t have expectations

I’d rather take the agony.

If you put yourself out there or care about anything in life, you’re bound to feel agony.  For 8pm Warriors, there’s absolutely no getting around it.

The more we care about what we’re working on, the higher the highs points will be and the lower the depths will be also…a sometimes agonizing rollercoaster.

However, take comfort that you’re not alone.  I and other 8pm Warriors are busy right now investing, believing, loving, and expecting great things from ourselves and others. We’ll take the agony.

Have a great night.


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