Why They Call Us Warriors

We’re in a war.

If you’ve ever tried to do something truly amazing, you know what I’m talking about.

Bad news. Sad news.

Back stabbing. Front stabbing.

Doubters. Pouters.


Every time you try something truly special, you will find someone to doubt you.  Every time you make it to the top, someone’s ready to knock you down.

Your heart will get broken.  You will get tired.

It’s no wonder so many people choose to stick to their 9-5 job and forego the risk and pain of doing something special with their life.

But you are different.

You get up.   You want more.  You don’t settle.

You are a warrior.

Be proud of that tonight,


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Entrepreneurs: It’s a War Out There!

We are warriors because we’re in a war.

Even though I’ve had people laugh at the idea and tell me it’s too much, I stand by my view of the 8pm Warrior world.

I know self employed warriors suffering from serious health conditions because they have no health insurance.  Some are losing their homes to foreclosure.   Others have lost their families, their friends, or the business they spent their whole life building.

Some have died.

All were chasing their dreams and holding on to their passion for a better world, a better life. It’s in their blood.  It’s what they do.

For those still limping along in this economy while wondering, praying, hoping, and dreaming…I get it.

It’s a war out there.

I salute you.

Have a great night.


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Your Inner Warrior

I believe we have built in warrior instincts that were useful during a time when people had to defend their families, their businesses, and their homes.

Humans are still wired for war.

If you don’t agree, just watch sports fans on game day (or mothers shopping for exclusive Christmas gifts).  We still like to go head to head.  We like to conquer.  We like to crush the dreams of our competition (just ask Packers and Steelers fans today).

No one forces or pays us to get dressed up for the “battle”, engage in pregame “smack talk”, or tie our emotions to the success of people we’ve never met.

It’s just how we’re wired.

Leaders, how do we get our team members to put the same kind of enthusiasm and energy into battles we face every day as a team?  How do we get them to wear our logos, tell their friends about our victories, and feel personal emotions when we lose or win together?  How do we release the “Inner Warrior?”

Good question.

I don’t have the exact answer, but here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have employees or “team members”?  (I think it matters)
  • Do you share team stats (financial reports) and the game plan (strategy and vision), or do you keep them in the dark?
  • Do you help them feel like they own the project, or are you too busy reminding them who is boss?

I believe that the sky is the limit for 8pm Warriors who can release the inner warrior of their team members.

Have a great night,