Time for Little Warriors

My daughter turned four yesterday.

I estimate that I spend about one hour a day of quality time with her on weekdays and maybe four hours each day on the weekends.  That means I’ve spent roughly 2700 hours with her during her entire life.  That’s about how many hours I work in 40 weeks.

I wonder if I’m alone.

Probably not.  I ran across the song below the other day.  When I heard it, a sort of embarrassed laugh came out.  Here’s an excerpt:

The Dollar

Mama tells her little man
“your daddy’s got a job
and when he goes to work they pay him for his time”

Well the young boy gets to thinking
and he heads up to his bedroom
and comes running back with a quarter and four dimes
and says “Mama how much time will this buy me?”

“Is it enough to take me fishing or throw a football in the street?”
“If I’m a little short then how much more does daddy need
to spend some time with me?”

Here’s the music video if you’re curious.

Something to think about.

It’s one reason I’m an 8pm Warrior and not a 5pm Warrior…it’s my kid’s bedtime.  Still probably not enough time.

Have a family night,