Attention: It’s Got to be All or Nothing

I only meet in person to build a stronger relationship.  There’s just one small problem.

Emails, texts, tweets, and Facebook mobile allow us to be at a meeting, meal, bar, or date with a person and still communicate with others who aren’t there.  Because these messages go with us everywhere our phone does, they are hard to ignore.  Luckily, they can be fielded discreetly and quickly.

But should we do it?

The world is rapidly changing and some questions haven’t been fully asked and answered. I think it’s time. Some younger folks don’t even understand how to build face-to-face relationships anymore.

Have we forgotten how to focus on one person at a time?  I know I do sometimes…

Some of my online relationships are just as important as my local ones, but is it possible that frequent interruptions of live conversation or “talking and texting” actually cause damage to a relationship?  Would it be better not to have the dinner at all?

Does a distracted dinner create resentment?

I think it does!

It might be hard, but we need to draw a line in our heads when we enter into a live conversation.  It’s much different than twitter or email where people can wait a few seconds for a response.   Humans aren’t geared that way and I don’t think they ever will be.

We meet in person for a reason.  These days you can just email, call, or Skype someone if you want to talk.  We meet with people to build something stronger.

So let’s do it!

For successful “in person” relationships, your attention has to be all or nothing.

Have a great night,

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Do You Suffer From “Phantom Tweets?”

I’m on my way home from an unplugged vacation at a ranch near Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.

What an experience!

There was no coverage for my iPad, iPhone, or MIFI connected laptop.  Not even one bar.  None!  Dark Ages part two.

The odd thing is that my brain continued to spin for a couple days like I was still getting multiple tweets, texts, and emails every minute.  It was as if my brain was running in place waiting for the onslaught of messages that never came.

Do you get “Phantom Tweets” too?

It makes me wonder what is happening to our brains when 8pm Warriors spend all day and night checking emails, texts, tweets, and other messages while watching television, skyping, talking on the phone or chatting with family members.  Our brains must be adapting to this behavior.

Will humanity be changed forever?  Is this a good thing?

All I know is that my brain was acting like it was addicted to connection and I didn’t enjoy being unplugged.  I’m back now, and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the coming decades.  Will future generations even want to escape from the connected world?  What’s your take?

Have a great night!


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