The 8pm Warrior Next Door on Small Business Saturday

I don’t hate free markets, big business, or imported products.

However, every time we choose cheap goods over local products or services, we lose something. We lose a piece of our culture.

We lose a part of our community.


I’m one of the cheapest guys you know, but I’m starting to re-evaluate my buying habits. The race to the bottom must stop at some point.

The cheapest goods aren’t always good.

Black Friday may be the day to enjoy steep discounts at big box retailers, but Small Business Saturday is the day to remember the “little guy”.

It’s the day to remember the person who handcrafted that jewelry for the exceptional woman in your life, the person who bakes bread with love (not conveyor belts), or the consultant in that tiny office next door who puts their heart and soul into everything they do.

This Saturday is for the 8pm Warrior running the small business down the street.

I studied economics in college and know that cheaper goods mean more buying power, more wealth for everyone. Tonight I ask you to use the savings we’ve seen to invest in your fellow 8pm Warriors. Support their dreams. Support the American Dream.

Buy one thing from a small business on Small Business Saturday.

Shop small today,


PS. If you don’t know any small business warriors, check out this one. She’s very close to me and I know the passion and skill it takes to do what she does every day. She’s doing what she loves and it shows.

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