Smart Sleep not More Sleep

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

– Benjamin Franklin
(author, inventor, physicist, & first American millionaire)

While I may interpret the word “early” a bit differently (i.e. early in the morning for both), I definitely agree with his point.

Work while it is day!

However, now the proverbial “day” is a lot longer.  In the modern era, we are no longer limited by lighting and availability of tools at night.

The only roadblock holding us back from staying up all night getting wealthier (finishing more work) and wiser (reading/learning/discussing), is our physical need for sleep.

While I would like to stay up all night if I could, there comes a time when even the most ambitious person will shut down. (side note:  maybe fellow 8pm Warrior Jordan Zimmerman could write a blog post called “You Sleep When You Pass Out”)

I tested it twice this week and ended up falling asleep on my laptop both times.

Sleep happens.

Unfortunately, I hear a lot of folks give people like JZ and I a hard time because they don’t think we sleep enough.

  • “If you don’t sleep more, you WILL die”
  • “It’s not sustainable”
  • “Sooner or later the quality of your work will suffer”


You don’t need more sleep, you need smart sleep.

The strategy is all about timing.  If you wake up between REM (Random Eye Movement) cycles, you will still feel rested even if you get less sleep.  Yes, even waking up at 3:30 am each day, JZ can still feel rested on 4.5 hours of sleep.

If you’re wondering how to figure it out, here’s a tool to use when calculating what time you should wake up based on when you go to bed or vice versa.

It’s called and it will help 8pm Warriors minimize their sleep, get more done, and still feel rested.

In closing, here’s a couple tips to make sure you actually go to sleep when it’s finally time.

  • Make sure you’re tired (work out more or sleep less)
  • No caffeine 5-7 hours before bed time
  • Deal with Sleep Apnea or other sleep disorders

I hope this post can help my fellow 8pm Warriors find a couple more hours in their day while their chasing their dreams.

Have a restful sleep,



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