When Leadership Doesn’t Matter

Leadership doesn’t matter if…

  • You don’t need to innovate
  • No one competes with your group
  • Everything is automated
  • There is no turnover in staff
  • Everyone knows what your company does

Congrats to those of you who don’t need leadership in your organization.

That’s really neat.

Organizations that don’t value leadership won’t be here in a couple years to need it.  Interesting how that works…

For the rest of us, it’s time to innovate, strategize, recruit, and envision.

Nevertheless, I’m continually surprised by how many managers don’t lead, how many companies cut down their leadership ranks to save money, and how many leaders don’t bother to lead themselves higher first.

Difficult times call for stronger leaders.  We need you tonight.

Have a leadership night,


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Do Leaders Deserve to Know Who They Are Hiring?

…or should they voluntarily make hiring decisions based on limited information?

Here’s a sampling of feedback I got since publishing my “Using Twitter to Screen Job Candidates” post yesterday:

  • “Eeeeh bad idea. I am not my social media account. My talents aren’t the same as my tweets.”
  • “The rules of the world we live in should be broken. Next, HR will be monitoring our grocery list…”
  • “Sure, life needs to balanced but that’s not the same as companies making a decision based on something found on twitter.”
  • “It’s intrusive. Online data, like a resume, doesn’t always paint an accurate picture.”
  • “Nope! Let people have a life & interview them.”
  • “Aaron is an idiot!”


For better or worse, we live in a very different world compared to 5 years ago when jobs were plentiful, Facebook was for college, and Twitter wasn’t even around.

For some folks, they long for the days when they could go to work at their secure 9 to 5 job and then go home and say racist, sexist, stupid, or offensive things online. Others are not confident with their online personalities. Still others are hoping to get a position they aren’t truly qualified for.

Times have changed.

In an increasingly connected world, smart business leaders, sales reps, recruiters and other relationship driven positions will connect with clients and partner groups through social networking. We live in a transparent world now and if you do anything personal on behalf of a brand or company, your actions on public social media sites may harm your team.

So why shouldn’t I and other business leaders use Twitter to screen candidates that will be using Twitter to develop new business?  Candidates can learn about a modern company prior to making a career decision, why can’t companies learn about their candidates too?  Isn’t that how the best relationships form?  Mutual interest?

It’s just too risky to hire the wrong person.  It’s time that transparency goes both ways.

Please share your rational thoughts on this.

Have a great night,


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Using Twitter to Screen Job Candidates, Good Idea?

My production team is expanding!  I’m trying a different approach to screening and I’d like your feedback.

In the past, I’ve received hundreds of resumes for entry level positions like this one. It’s too much for busy leaders to dig through effectively, so I’m trying out a different way to screen candidates while recruiting.

They must use Twitter to apply.

I’m also thinking about conducting the initial interview via twitter as well so I can gauge the candidate’s ability to respond, engage, etc. using modern social media communication tools.  It should make the best candidates stick out.

Is this a good idea?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the strategy and the job posting itself. (Also, read my next post: Crowdsourcing a Hiring Decision?)

Have a great night,


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Hire a Horse

If you’re in a horse race, hire a horse.

Not an elephant. Not a cheetah.

Elephants may carry a lot of people, but they’re not fast enough. Cheetahs have the opposite problem.

Jen made a great comment on yesterday’s post about bright, innovative people getting leadership positions without knowing how to lead. It’s like hiring an Elephant for the horse race just because it’s great at carrying things.

Superb athletes don’t always turn into superb coaches. Top sales reps don’t always convert to top sales managers. A great nurse does not equal a great nurse manager.

I could go on and on and on…

Leadership is a skill, and top leaders will find ways to recruit the right talent for the right position.

If you’re in a horse race, hire a horse.

Have a great night,



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