Never Give Up!

I recently watched “Nature’s Most Amazing Events” and found inspiration in the segment about the annual Pacific Salmon run.

The story serves as a great reminder to all who feel stuck on a path to something great.

Salmon are drawn by instinct to swim against the current, jump huge waterfalls, and avoid massive bears to achieve their mission.  Out of every 1000 salmon that are born, only 4 make the round trip from their birth place to the ocean and back again.

It’s the challenge of a lifetime!

However, as if that wasn’t hard enough, sometimes the water levels are too low for the salmon to meet the bears, waterfalls, or heavy currents they’re destined to face. They get stuck before the real battle even begins.

It’s heartbreaking to watch and reminds me of so many brilliant, passionate 8pm Warriors who are stuck.

Then the rain comes.

Just as many of the fish are starting to lose energy and hope, the rainy season begins and allows the fish to resume their epic struggle against all odds to achieve their ultimate life goal.  They can finally begin the fight they were designed for.

Sound familiar?

Many of my fellow 8pm Warriors are on their way to following their dreams.  We all signed up for the challenges of developing new products or services, avoiding competitors, and challenging the status quo.  We’re okay with swimming against the current.

What we didn’t sign up for was the lack of water.

This economy has dried up many options and left many 8pm Warriors wondering, hurting, and weak.

Tonight I urge you to hold on.  Just like those salmon, do not turn back.  Do not forfeit your goal or your path.  Never give up.

The rain is coming!

The challenges we seek will be here soon enough and the days of funding issues and weak demand will be replaced with the challenges of finding the right people, products, and strategies again.

The pain of failure is much easier to take than the regret of quitting early on something great.

Push through.

Have a perseverant night,


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