The Next Generation

Why have kids or a protégé?

Since my youngest child just turned two (he’s a St. Patrick’s Day baby), it got me thinking about him, my daughter, and the whole next generation.

Why do we need them anyway?

  • They cry.
  • They cost money.
  • They cause heartache.

It’s a lot of work and they don’t always care back or provide any sort of monetary benefit.  (Sounds like some protégés too…)

However, there must be some reason millions of kids are brought into the world every year.  People ask me why I wanted kids, and here’s my answer:

The battles we fight will continue. I am getting older.

It gives me comfort knowing someone I watched grow up will help me finish my battle.  I want to believe that what I’m working for every night is special enough to last, and that it will need a caretaker when I am old.  Someone I can trust.  Someone who understands.

If you’re up many nights working late, pushing, pulling, dreaming and learning, you know what I’m talking about.

Even though they may cry, cost money, and hurt our feelings sometimes, they are the future protectors of what we’re working on now.  They are an investment.  They are the future 8pm Warriors of the world.

Here’s to the next generation.




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