Open Letter to “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters

Dear “Occupy Wall Street” protestor,

I am Wall Street.

No, I am not one of the top 1% who controls 40% of the wealth in the US, but I hope to be someday.  I also like investing in big companies and need them to be profitable for my savings.

You speak of greedy big companies not sharing their profits, but you forget that these companies were only created for profit.  It’s the reason people start companies.  Without a profit motive, there would be few big companies to employ people or create wealth for investors on Wall Street.

I understand you are frustrated right now with high unemployment, but it’s not the fault of Wall Street or big companies.  If you’ve been unemployed for a long time, it’s your fault.

Yep, your fault.

I’m not trying to be mean, but I think our grandparents who made it through the Great Depression would be rolling over in their graves if they saw you protesting “Wall Street”.  You should be out looking for a job, training for a job, or creating a job. Maybe it’s not your dream job, but there is work out there.

That’s what Americans used to do.  When the going gets tough, we should keep on going. We don’t waste time protesting a good thing.  Profit and success are good things.

These protests look foolish.

You blame Neoliberalism?  (explained here on Wikipedia)  You claim it’s the reason we don’t have jobs or can’t afford healthcare, education, food, or our mortgage.  Those are excuses.

Excuses and irresponsibility are the problem.

We have economic problems because consumers bought homes they shouldn’t have, borrowers got mortgages they shouldn’t have, banks made loans they shouldn’t have, companies insured assets they shouldn’t have, and investors bought securities they shouldn’t have.

Protesting won’t help.

It’s time for you to go hunting for income and profit.  No one else is going to fix your problem.  It’s time to be an 8pm Warrior.

Have a responsible night,


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Medical Heros on 9/11 and today

Yesterday we remembered 9/11 and how it affected our country. TV and the news were saturated with the topic, so I’ll be brief in my remarks.

The ED nurses, doctors, and RT’s that I know are heros every single day, but it warmed my heart to read the story below of the nurse who grabbed two IV’s and headed into two feet of feces to help save lives.

As hard as our work can be in healthcare, we still find a way to do even more when duty calls. Nine years ago we saw it, and in the ER’s around the country I see it every day.

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via Clear Nursing Matters


About the Author:  Aaron lives in Milwaukee, WI with his wife and two children and is the President & CEO of Clear Medical Solutions. When he’s not leading new initiatives, he periodically takes on interim leadership or consulting projects. He also enjoys teaching, speaking, writing, and sharing his passion for people and their healthcare.