Medical Heros on 9/11 and today

Yesterday we remembered 9/11 and how it affected our country. TV and the news were saturated with the topic, so I’ll be brief in my remarks.

The ED nurses, doctors, and RT’s that I know are heros every single day, but it warmed my heart to read the story below of the nurse who grabbed two IV’s and headed into two feet of feces to help save lives.

As hard as our work can be in healthcare, we still find a way to do even more when duty calls. Nine years ago we saw it, and in the ER’s around the country I see it every day.

What Did You Do On 9/11? Tomorrow Americans will remember how our country was profoundly changed with the terrorist attacks that happened now nine years ago. Unimaginable horror awaited those who rushed to the scenes of the attacks. Thousands of police officers, firefighters and emergency medical workers offered whatever assistance that they could. They worked tirelessly, not only on 9/11, but for weeks and months to come. While reflecting on the events of 9/11 I came ac … Read More

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