Ode to Joy

The power of joy is often underestimated.

Take a minute to look at the successful masterpieces created by 8pm Warriors doing work that makes them happy.  Examples are everywhere:

Look to Southwest Airlines and the fun they have.  Not only did they build the most profitable airline in the world, but they have fun doing it.

Joy is contagious.  Joy is free.

Leaders, to build joy in your service organization or department, you need to find people that enjoy the type of work you do.  Then stay out of their way.  Once you match up talented people with work they love, gone is the need to micromanage or push productivity.  Joy will take care of the rest.

The bottom line is that people work hard and are successful at challenges they enjoy…something to think about the next time you don’t like your job (or the results you’re getting).

Have a joyful night,


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