New Guide to Twitter

If you’re up late building future opportunities or a business, you need to be on Twitter.  For the many amazing leaders and warriors not on twitter, this post is for you.

Why Twitter?

Facebook and Linkedin are primarily social networks of people that know each other.  Twitter is totally different.

When I joined Twitter two years ago I didn’t have many “offline relationships” on twitter except for some of my colleagues.  I still don’t.  No family, hardly any friends, and no past clients.  Twitter still is an exciting jungle of so many people that I don’t know.

Time to meet new people.

I think of twitter as a sort of global online convention of nearly 200,000,000 people looking to share, talk, and build relationships.

The perfect place for an aspiring 8pm Warrior!

Since I believe that these potential relationships are extremely valuable for you, I’m going to do a short series of 4 posts to share the strategies I’ve learned from others and experiences I’ve had while managing my personal and multiple corporate twitter accounts.

Next up?  Part 2:  “How to Get Started with Twitter”

Stay tuned on the new 8pm Warrior twitter account:  @8pmWarrior


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