The Most Important Project in Your Life…

The most important project in your life is the one you’re working on right now.

The past may be glorious.

The future will always hold new opportunities.

However, what you’re working on right now is all that counts.

Your past doesn’t matter if you don’t win today.  Your future doesn’t matter if you don’t get started on it.

I hear so many people reminiscing about “the good old days” or waiting for the great future they envision.  They can’t move on from the past or they’re waiting to someday conquer the future.

Conquer today!

Start tonight.

Have a great night,


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Published by Aaron Biebert

I'm a director, film/video exec producer, leader & 8pm Warrior. I am passionately chasing my goals at all times. I'm listening. Let's talk!

23 comments on “The Most Important Project in Your Life…”

      1. And if I may add that our past does does not define our future.

        But if you were to ask and you need to choose, which is more important, yet less important than the present. What I mean by being important is that, which of the two has a greater impact and influence on the way we do things in the present.

        Is it the PAST or the FUTURE?

        1. I believe it is the past.  It gives us the foundation of understanding we’ll need to not only deal with the present, but interpret the future.

          Tough one though.  The future is pretty inspiring sometimes…

          1. How about this, which ones belongs to each other.

            Is inspiration about the past or the future?

            How about motivation, is it something that belongs to the past or the future?

            The reason I am asking is that, I truly believes that these two can be interpreted from a time perspective.

            I just truly wanted to get a new way of looking at myself in the present, asking myself if am I inspired or motivated.

            Thanks again Aaron and others. Cheers! :)

  1. My favorite part of the “conquer today” mentality is that, in a perfect world, it keeps us in the moment…something that I feel passionately about.  Thanks for your heartfelt words Aaron…I’m conquering!!

    1. Claudia, you sure are conquering.  If I was one of your patients, I’d have more kids just to give you more patients.  :-)

      You’re a great one.  Thanks for all the great thoughts this year.  I have a ton of respect for you.

  2. I grew up in a small Texas town where football ruled (and I enjoyed it myself, of course). I swore I would never be one of those guys who went off to college, failed because people no longer catered to my whims as a football player, and then came back home to work in the local gas station and reminisce about the Glory Days. Remember Springsteen’s words. Those hit me when he first released it because it put words to what I was seeing all around me.

    Let’s conquer that 2012 future together, buddy -> 8pmWarriors ROCK!

  3. I think it says something about your priorities as well.  You need to weed out the projects that aren’t important.  We shouldn’t forget the past, but not live in it.  Those that are looking to the future as you stated above are not the ones making things happen.  They tend to wait for things to happen and then those things never come to pass.  Those that are real game-changers are those that are constantly reevaluating their current and future projects.  They are looking ahead to what projects they want to pursue and not afraid to kill current projects that are no longer viable.  They must be on their toes.  The people living in the past or hoping for things to happen are the ones found resting on their heels.

    1. Craig, I like your thinking.  Priorities matter.  Weeding out is a good thing, even though the weeds might seem pretty.

      Great thoughts. Thanks for adding to the discussion!

  4. What a great reminder. It’s amazing how much more we can accomplish when we focus our energy on the present as opposed to looking at the what ifs and the what has beens. 

  5. Amen Aaron! The present moment is all we have, time is precious, whatever you’re doing now is definitely the most important project. It takes focus, having your priorities straight with clear direction. If you’re not clear about your priorities and are confused right now, that’s your project. Ask for help and just keep on moving forward.

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