MD's take over…watch out Bieber Nation!

It’s a sad day when Justin Bieber gets more support on social media than medicine does.  With tens of thousands of doctors and hundreds of thousands of nurses on facebook and twitter, there has to be a way to harness the power of social media to meet the needs of tomorrow’s patient.

As costs continue to rise along with the shortage of physicians and allied medical professionals, we are going to need real change if we’re going to find a way to care for more patients.

We’re going to need you.

At current graduation and training rates, the nation could face a shortage of as many as 200,000 doctors by 2020, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.  That is the same year the ANA predicts we may face a shortage of up to 1,100,000 nurses…all at a time when roughly 20 percent of the nation will be 65 or older and likely in need of increased medical care.

We can help!

Since early 2009, we’ve been building the Clear Medical Network, a hub for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare industry professionals to come together to meet the needs of each other and their patients.

Today we announce our latest project, the Clear Medical Network “Curbside Consult” forum.  With almost 4,500 members in two of our physician related forums, we are positioned to experiment with using the collective knowledge of physicians on facebook and twitter to help each other answer questions, share practice techniques, publish links to studies, and any other helpful ideas that comes along.


We believe that physicians want to help each other, and this will be a way for them to do that easily, safely, and for free, thereby increasing our ability to see more patients, find better outcomes, and spend less resources and time on seeking information.

Social media has the power to supply quick answers, and provide a sort of ongoing peer review of resources and ideas that will be needed for the next decade.

However, in order to be successful, we need your help.

First, please take a minute to share the news on facebook, twitter, Linkedin, or your blog.  This is a grass roots effort, and we need everyone to help support it.

Second, please go to the first stage of our Curbside Consult platform (on facebook), and let us know what you think.  Post your thoughts, invite other physicians you know, add to the excitement.  This could be big and we would love to have your support along the way.

Here’s the link:   (Sharing is Caring)

Third, use it.  If you have questions for your colleagues, post it.  If you have a new study to share, share the link.  If you have an idea or thought for a posted member question, please answer it.  No physician-patient relationship will be established, so feel free to help.  We’re keeping everything HIPAA compliant (with members of the HIM Circle), making things blinded when appropriate, and finding other ways to keep this a safe, helpful forum for you. 

Doctor Shortage:

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