Leaders, Are You Going Anywhere?

You can only lead if you’re going somewhere.

This may be the single most forgotten piece of the leadership puzzle.  Many people give orders, manage people, provide training, etc., but what separates a leader from a manager is the act of going somewhere.

Where are you going?

If you don’t know, then chances are good that others don’t know either.  People can always tell.  If they don’t know where you’re going, they don’t know where they’ll be going if they follow.  A major problem.

A road map isn’t required to lead successfully, but leaders must have a vision and openly share it.

It changes the whole game.

As I mentioned in my birthday post, my first and best memories are of going somewhere. There’s something about heading towards something new, fresh, exciting.  A person feels different inside.  There’s a purpose to one’s steps.  Hope.  Adventure.  Excitement.

Give your team members a reason to stay…a reason to follow.

Go somewhere.

Have a great night,


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7 comments on “Leaders, Are You Going Anywhere?”

  1. And give them a reason to lead, to succeed, and to move mountains – together!

    This requires more than speeches and chats. This requires trust and loyalty. Trust requires character. Character demonstrates itself in service. Service fuels loyalty.

    1. It does seem that some leaders are really good at talking about where they’re going as they’re standing still. Sooner or later people realize the train isn’t leaving…

      Thanks Stan! You’re the man.

  2. Aaron,
    I totally agree. Give me something actionable to sink my teeth into or I’m gone. Guess I’m impatient that way. I’ll return for social stuff, but that’s it.

    1. Hey Betsy, thanks for the comment and retweet earlier. It’s much appreciated.

      I think impatience is something quite common in great people, so a leader is wise to heed your warning. Only the unmotivated mind driving down a dead end. The rest of us want that road to go somewhere.

      Great thoughts!

  3. Aaron,
    I was still pondering over your last post! You certainly keep me mind focused and I have to completely agree. This is something vital to success, in business or living a good and right life…vital…. we have to know what we are fighting for.

    Because you are correct (this is why you need to speak with my Dad- I keep telling you both! LOL) we are at war. We have the power and tools, right here. I have met amazing people since being on line. My life is flooded with reason and purpose …with a focus, now. The target.

    Thanks. Sister to Brother, in arms, be they what they are.

    1. Amber-Lee, I need to come on up to Alaska some time and meet your dad. Seems like a fascinating guy.

      Thanks for the generous words and adding to the discussion. I appreciate your take!

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