Lay Down with the Dogs, Wake Up with the Fleas

Environment matters.

If you’re working, living, or growing in an unhealthy place, you are becoming unhealthy.  It’s only natural.

Humans adapt to their environments and our lives are a reflection of the soil we’re planted in.  Trees planted in gravel don’t produce fruit.  Flowers surrounded by weeds rarely bloom. People who spend significant time with quitters or those with eternal negativity rarely maximize their potential.

For those who like to win, there will always be fertile fields and positive people to connect with.

If you’re laying with the dogs, wake up and run.  Your future depends on it.

Have a great night,


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Published by Aaron Biebert

I'm a director, film/video exec producer, leader & 8pm Warrior. I am passionately chasing my goals at all times. I'm listening. Let's talk!

8 comments on “Lay Down with the Dogs, Wake Up with the Fleas”

  1. Even though you made me laugh, your point wasn’t missed by me. I’ve been watching the tones of blogs more closely and how they affect me. When I start getting angry I look at with what and whom I have surrounded myself. Sometimes the fleas are the angry rants that just bring me down. And yes, I’m running!

    1. Yes, angry bloggers are certainly a toxic place to hang out. Let me know if I ever get too negative.

      I do write about negative things sometimes (loneliness, challenges, failure, etc.) because I find that life has a lot of negative realities that we must face. However, there must always be a way forward, a light at the end of the tunnel.

      People who ignore the positive way out will drag us down.

      Thanks for sharing!

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