I Am Full of Myself Sometimes

I admit it.

On Saturday, I wrote Open Letter to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters after watching the news and seeing some of the silly signs the protesters were holding.

It was cold.  I was cold.

I was focused on myself.

I got so caught up in fighting back against these ideas, that I failed to realize my wide swipe at these folks would hurt real people.  People I know.  People that are hurting.

They didn’t need my lecture.  Most just needed my help.

Positive change is not about being right.  Without an understanding, being right does nothing but cause resentment.  When people focus on helping the other side, the real change begins.

We must seek to understand first, then offer help.  Once others see you’re not full of yourself, real dialogue happens.  Suddenly the weapons are put away.

I didn’t do that.  All I did was encourage those who already shared my beliefs and upset those who needed help.  I was wrong.

Please accept my apology.

Have an understanding night,


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