Everyone Wants to Win

But not everyone does.

Why is that?

There are only two main reasons:

1)  They never start


2) They start, but never finish

I assume you’re reading this because you’ve started something that you haven’t finished.  (People who don’t start things generally don’t care to work past 5pm, and people who’ve finished them don’t need to work past 5pm)

But don’t pat yourself on the back yet.  If you haven’t finished, you’re really no different than those who didn’t start, except that you might be wasting your time while their out relaxing, drinking, or sleeping.

Gut check time.

If you want to win, you need to finish.  Luckily, in the modern world there are many ways to do that.  However, most of them take determination, bravery, and creativity.

Finish strong.  Win.

I’ll be right here with you.

Have a great night,


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