Attention Era: Why You Should “Like” What You Like

Something big is happening and it requires your attention. Literally.

We’re in the Attention Era now and we’ve got a million things coming at us. Actually, it’s more like a trillion.

Each year the world wades through:

  • 90 trillion emails sent
  • 1 trillion ads displayed on Facebook
  • 1.1 trillion videos watched on YouTube
  • 1 trillion websites indexed by Google

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff coming at us! There’s no way to keep up.

Luckily, websites like Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Gmail, StumbleUpon, and others are helping you sort through these messages to find what you want or need to see.  Other sites are learning quickly.

They need your help.

On Facebook, you have to click “Like” or comment on things you actually care about for the sorting to work well.  On Google+, you have to click +1.  All of these systems require something from you if they’re going to pull you from the overwhelming ocean of information we’re drowning in.

The next time you see something or someone great, do yourself a favor and click “Like”.

It’ll save you time in the long run.

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5 comments on “Attention Era: Why You Should “Like” What You Like”

  1. Looking at all of those trillions of things helps me understand why I’m tired and can’t remember my own name half of the time! Way… too… much… information. I wonder how pre and post Internet consumption compares. I bet it’s dramatic.

  2. The interesting problematic is that if we don’t “like” the stuff and people that we like, Google, Facebook, and others will remove it from our spam line of attention. The fact is that they are trying to filter things out of our spam line of attention in order to refine their profiling and targeting process – a process that allows them to sell our information and target us at a higher price point.

    Your friends will fall off your radar. And all the things you like. Because you forgot to like them often and without enthusiasm. It is happening little by little. They’re robbing us of our unclaimed and undeclared identity and choices. Little by little. It wasn’t their intention to diminish our view of the world but it represents a considerable cost savings in terms of bandwidth and processors.

    Who did you like today?

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