6 Takeaways from My Twintterview Crowdsource Experiment

Want to hire someone to connect with clients on social media sites?  Use social media to test candidates while getting feedback from your clients!

You might be surprised by what you find…

It’s official. The first half of my crowdsourced “Twintterview” (Twitter Interview) experiment is completed and here’s a brief summary of how it went:

  • 1100 position page visits
  • 15  pre-screened candidates
  • 7 days of twinnterviews
  • 3 final candidates
  • 1 easy choice

I offered the social media manager position to Nathan Nommensen, a recent graduate of one of the best business schools in the Midwest, and he accepted it.

Along the way, I developed some principles I wanted to share with job seekers who may face a similar twintterview process:

  1. Respond quickly, don’t make the process difficult
  2. Don’t be afraid to show initiative and enthusiasm
  3. Don’t reschedule your live interview (if you need the position, act like it)
  4. Check your public social media profiles for crude, distasteful pictures
  5. Be different, catch my attention
  6. Be personal

In my mind, the perfect candidate would already understand what was needed, quickly answer the question “How can I help you”, stand out in the crowd, and use real life skills to move the discussion to the next level with a coffee, lunch, or even a beer. Most of all, they would be intelligent, likable, and personal while answering my tough questions.

Many leaders prefer to hire “people people” with real life skills, but don’t always know how to test for it.  Through this process, I was able to find someone in one week, with limited impact on my busy schedule, and a guarantee they are qualified.  I highly recommend you try this.  (Comment below if you have questions on how to set it up)

How did the crowdsource part of it turn out?

Almost 100 people were eager to offer feedback in private, but there were a handful that offered public observations and helped steer the discussions.  Here are some examples:


“I’m digging Nathan. He seems the most natural & engaging. Everyone else was trying too hard, tweeting at you; he’s tweeting w/ u.”

Tiffany Kummer


“I’m very intrigued. Count me in. I like Nathan. But would like to see more from Jacki. Still reading abt the others”

Celinda Appleby


“Great! A fascinating process to observe @Biebert. After gauging enthusiasm, online personality, drive for greatness, I chose @NathanNommensen

Andrew Syiek


Now on to the second stage.  How will this turn out when it counts?  Will this be the right addition to help increase viewership of these two startup productions.

Stay tuned!

Have a great night,


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