5 Topics Worth Discussing

Someone I respect very much (a great 8pm Warrior) has asked me write a guest piece for his blog.  Now I’m up sitting here contemplating ideas for a special post, one that would spark a great discussion and add value to his blog.

Here are the best five topics I came up with that might be worth developing.  Tweet at me or comment (here or on Facebook) if you have any thoughts.

Here they are, it’s my first 8pm Warrior Reader’s Digest.


Thesis A)  “The More Things Change, the More They Stay The Same”

The world is in a time of significant change.  We are at the crossroads of ages.

However, has anything really changed?  Do we have different needs?  Different motivations?  Different values?

Thesis B)  The Value of a Mentor

It seems like all too often young leaders have it all figured out.  I was one of them.

However, sooner or later a time comes when something bad happens and advice or strength is needed.  Enter the Mentor.

Without a mentor, we base decisions from calculations using a limited set of experiences.  Adding a mentor’s experience to the mix improves the calculation and will lead to a better result.

The only problem?  Pride.

Thesis C)  Emotions:  You Can’t Lead With Them, You Can’t Succeed Live Without Them

Have you ever worked for a leader that didn’t seem to care?  How about one that was so emotional that the whole department or company was always on edge or weary.

Thesis D)  Lie Down with Dogs…

An old Latin saying goes like this:  “You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

Some of the most talented people I know have wasted their opportunities because of their choice of friends.  Friends who are distracting, disinterested, or discouraging.

Sound like your friends?  If you want to be successful, you need to find new ones.

Thesis E)  Know Their Limits

Forget your own limits for now.  At this point in your life you probably know them by now.

It’s time to know the limits of your team.

Leaders who enjoy success in the long run must know how long and how hard they can push others.  Otherwise, they face the same problem as Alexander the Great.  He motivated and led his troops around the ancient world with success the world had never seen before, only to be betrayed by his own men who were weary and ready for rest.


Is there any of these that sticks out?


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2 comments on “5 Topics Worth Discussing”

  1. The value of a mentor, however I believe if you choose this one, you need to talk about how the role of being a mentor has evolved i.e. no longer the older, more experienced person. I love collaberation and debate so if you need to “spar” as you write, I’m your volunteer. ;-)

    1. Cheri, I think that’s a great point you made about how the role of a mentor has changed. New technologies and emerging trends have really created a whole set of younger people who have more experience than some of their older colleagues. Great point.

      As for collaboration, I always love to have others engaged and helping refine ideas. That’s how great ones are formed.



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