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19 comments on “5 Reasons Brands Should Stumble Upon the New StumbleUpon”

  1. So, you set your own up? Did you have to have a separate email? Thanks for the heads-up. Looks fun. I love SU! But I really like order and the ability to focus vs surf if I feel like it.
    Thanks again Aaron!

    1. Hey Betsy, no, I just created a regular account.  I’ll wait until they really open it up to brands/blogs/businesses.  That’s my biggest complaint right now is that it doesn’t appear to really be working as promised.

      I’ll keep everyone posted.

  2. You made a comment about the channels and I want to know how I start my own. I think it would be beneficial to start one for my business so that I can re-post my blog posts in Stumbleupon. But I’ve seriously searched the internet over and over and nobody can tell me how to make a channel. Any ideas?

    1. Gary, they screwed up the launch and didn’t explain it very well.  I even got confused.  

      Basically, you’ll have to wait until they open for everyone, for real.  Right now, it’s just invited folks.

      Stay tuned.  I’m reaching out to them to find out the timeline.

  3. StumbleUpon was my favorite years ago, but every “improvement” makes it less usable and less valuable to me. What boggles my mind is that they have the VERY BEST CONTENT already ranked by keyword – but only IF you know the syntax to get to it! 

    Not only do they have pages for specific topics – those pages also rank the users who shared them so you can immediately find experts on any topic. Why they don’t make those pages easy to find, get them indexed, and then add highly relevant ad opportunities is beyond me. They could give AdWords a run for their money if they did that. 

    Great – the recent change has changed the syntax for getting to those pages yet again. Here is how to see them. Go to where what you put in keywords is what you want to find. For example, you could go to and see the top content about social media and who shared it. 

    Note that social-media and socialmedia would be different and these are based on the keywords selected by the person who shared the content there. 

    Before this change StumbleUpon usually sent me about 8% of my traffic. Since the change that is down to a little over 3%. I consider removing StumbleUpon PhotoBlog It a great loss and am hoping the new toolbar grows on me because it isn’t as useful as the old one. Maybe I just need to find better ways to use it. 

    1. Gail, between you and I, this 8pm Warrior blog doesn’t get much traffic from StumbleUpon.  I know others do, so I must be screwing it up too or else my blog isn’t fun enough.  :-)

      Let me know if you find the secret.  

  4. Aaron,
    I have kept this front and center on my screen. I guess I am just lost. I am having a heck of a time figuring out …HOW to use it by more than only luck.

    I have been tumbling around on Stumble since I was first told to use it. … Need more input!

    For instance, I tried to Stumble something I read on either your page there or maybe someone else’s… it wouldn’t let me, and I couldn’t figure anything to make it actually do us good.

    Umm, more input please… (I know I already said that, but still…)

    1. Hi Amber-Lee,

      I just got back from vacation and saw your comment.  Do you have a StumbleUpon account?  If you are logged in and click the button here on the blog, it should open a window where you can choose to “Like” it or review it.

      Let me know if I’m helping or not.  Always glad to help.


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