Why is half your team unhappy? Why are 25% leaving?

It’s always someone else, some other company, some other leader.

The fact remains that most American workers are unhappy with their position.  25% don’t plan on staying at your company.

Since most companies have laid off everyone possible, the reality is that members of your core team may be dissatisfied.


Do we ask for more each year and give less in return?

As a whole, we’ve laid off middle management and cut support.

  • We’ve cut budgets
  • We’ve cut benefits
  • We ask for more
  • We pay less

Have we laid off the joy?  Have we forgotten about people?

What’s the cost of that?

Only you can answer that for your organization.

I know I’ve got work to do…

Have a great night,


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7 comments on “Why is half your team unhappy? Why are 25% leaving?”

  1. Is it really about employers? Maybe it’s we the workers in large scales, who’ve let this happen.

    Maybe it’s the corporate greed of investors. Maybe we should think from that perspective too.

    1. When there are clear trends like this, I like to focus on what I can can control. I can control my leadership and I believe that this trend does indeed have something to do with leadership.

      I believe that people like to work. I believe they want to do a good job.

      It’s up to leaders to make sure people are in the right place, doing the right kind of work, and that they have the tools to do their job.

      Right now something is lacking…

      1. I was just watching the system as a whole, as opposed from individual point of view. You are right about it from your perspective and I am quite sure it will reflect your work in a good way.

        Having guts to do something other people aren’t leads to results.

  2. In my opinion;
    recession or not, super high unemployment rates, people begging for jobs….People, at their CORE, have a “Future LOTTERY Winner” mentality. They don’t WANT TO WORK. They get disappointed (periodically) and check out of life. The bills come in…they look for another job. The cycle begins again, and they look for another job…

    1. Christy, I certainly think that some folks have that problem. They are lazy people and I would like nothing to do with them.

      However, I think that most people want to enjoy their work and want to do a good job.

      Something is missing. I think leaders can help.

  3. I don’t know many people that have the lottery mentality (actually, I don’t know any, personally).

    My worldview says that most people want to do good work, do something meaningful, and simply want to be respected for what they have to contribute. They want SOMETHING to believe in.

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