Why Don’t Most People Care about the Details?

What separates the good from the great?

Executing the details.

Lately, I’ve been urging people to consider making a couple changes:

These all seem simple to me, but it never fails that a month after I passionately explain why a department/person/brand needs only one name, another one pops up after I leave.  Same with phone numbers.

Why don’t people think details matter?

I really don’t know and I’d like your thoughts.  Please share your thoughts in the comment section or on the 8pm Warrior Facebook discussion board.

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2 comments on “Why Don’t Most People Care about the Details?”

  1. I’m still agreeing with you on this point. And I was one of those people that gave out every single way a person could try and get a message to me or contact me.

    And again I have to say that people do this because they are afraid someone is going to need them for something and will not be able to get through to them.

    It actually sounds a bit desperate doesn’t it?

  2. Actually Cheri, it sounds like you are trying to pay attention to details. Giving out every method of contact is a very detailed response to the issue and it makes sense at first glance.

    You’re just trying to be a smart businesswomen. Hopefully our discussion helps us all refine our approach and become better.

    That’s my goal.

    Thanks for the comment!


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