When You Have Someone’s Attention: Don’t Waste It!

A couple quick thoughts at the end of the week.

Humans are no longer limited by a lack of information.  We’ve never had more Wikipedia articles, Google search results, emails, updates, and every other way we get information when we need it.

We even have Siri or other artificial intelligence like Big Blue to do the work for us.

Information is not the problem.


We are now limited by the amount of attention we have available.

When you earn someone’s attention, you shouldn’t waste it.  It’s precious!


Does your page respect people’s time?

  • Do you dominate Facebook with a ton of trivial posts?  We only have so much time and you’re wasting it.  We will unfollow or hide you.
  • Why are our comments awaiting moderation on your blog? You have a spam filter.
  • Are you deleting Facebook comments that are unfavorable to your brand?  You are asking for trouble.  Comments will go somewhere.
  • We won’t do business with you if you ignore questions or comments on your page.


Why are your customers waiting?

  • I spent 3 hours on the phone with AT&T yesterday.  Now I’m switching to Verizon.
  • My favorite grocery store has no parking.  I now have a new favorite.
  • Sam’s Club always has 10 people in every line.  I’m not renewing my membership.


How are you one on one?

  • Are you constantly checking your phone?
  • Are you dragging the conversation down by spend too much time on meaningless stuff?
  • Are you actually listening?
  • Do you spam your contacts with unnecessary emails or other deferred communication?
  • Do you say stuff just for the sake of saying it?


For the sake of humanity, we must stop.


The developed world is out of time.  Relationships are suffering.  People are overwhelmed.

If you want to keep people’s attention in the Attention Era, you must respect it.

It starts by not wasting it.

Have a great night,


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Published by Aaron Biebert

I'm a director, film/video exec producer, leader & 8pm Warrior. I am passionately chasing my goals at all times. I'm listening. Let's talk!

6 comments on “When You Have Someone’s Attention: Don’t Waste It!”

  1. Oh  Aaron, I completely agree with you.  You know what’s weird?  And sad?  I now actually have to concentrate on putting all of my focus on the moment at hand…I mean I actually have to “remind” my brain to stay “here” and not drift off into wanting to check my phone for emails, FB posts, Twitter updates etc etc.  How pathetic is that???  I am embarrassed.  I love technology…I adore technology.  But I hate that I am so wrapped up in digital media that it consumes my time.  We throw the word “balance” around glibly as if we really intend on creating that precious balance between the real world sitting in front of us and the online world that beckons us with a single “beep”.  Sometimes (and this is just between you and I ) I dream about living in a remote place in the mountains where the only thing I am communing with is nature….
    We MUST respect each other in this Attention Era.  We MUST! 
    The most profound line in your post….”
    We are now limited by the amount of attention we have available”  
    Thank you Aaron… you have my attention

    1. Claudia, with all that you do and all who you care for, I am so honored to have your attention.

      I am also embarrassed by my drifting mind and enjoyed my recent break from it all.  The only drifting my mind did then was drift between the ocean waves and my wife’s beautiful eyes.
      Unfortunately, that’s not the real world.  In the real world, we’ll have to adopt new standards of ethics and etiquette.  Wasting others time is not just bad business, it is wrong.

      Thanks for the great perspective.  You have my attention too.


  2. What is a phone? What is one-on-one? Excellent points Aaron – as always. Limiting our posts/tweets is a wise idea to the most relevant and valuable vs. the trivial. So, how about that Super Bowl? Which commercial did you like best? I liked the Chevy apocalypse one as well as the Fiat one…lol

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