Warrior of the Week: Governor Scott Walker

“Elections have consequences” – Barrack Obama

I agree with President Obama’s statement, but rarely do elections mean different results.  Even though parties may change, the business of government rarely does.

One 8pm Warrior aims to change that.

Meet Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin and this week’s 8pm Warrior of the Week.

Like his policies or not (I wasn’t a big fan of killing high speed rail), you have to give him credit for doing what he promised and working towards the financial reform he was elected for.

  • He makes difficult decisions.
  • He does his job, even when it makes enemies with powerful people.
  • He walks his talk.

He’s barely been in Madison for a month, and he’s already got 70,000 union members protesting his plans to cut the state budget and change the way unions control the government.  It reminds me of Greece and Paris lately.  No doubt that tough times are ahead for him, but I believe that if you’re not making someone uncomfortable, you’re probably not making real changes.

It’s his job.

He was elected 52% to 46% by campaigning to make these sorts of significant changes in a State facing a $3,000,000,000 budget shortfall.  Now he’s working hard and fast to complete needed changes quickly, much like 8pm Warriors around the country have to do every day to survive and thrive.  That’s why Governor Scott Walker is this week’s 8pm Warrior of the Week.

Learn more about Governor Scott Walker:

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4 comments on “Warrior of the Week: Governor Scott Walker”

  1. Gov. Scott Walker has taken a strong stand to create financial reform. We all know you can’t “have your cake and eat it too” Job security should be based on job performance and business needs.

  2. Jen, I agree. That other article I just posted (I hadn’t seen your comment yet) explains why bravery is needed. There is an intelligent, complicated argument to be made that there is a conflict of interest having government workers unionized.

    Essentially, with union campaign cash used to support politicians, unionized workers sit on both sides of the bargaining table.

    It’s kind of hard to cut budgets with that situation. In the 50’s when the US was flush with cash, this maybe was okay.

    Not anymore.

    Time for an 8pm Warrior to fix it.

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