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We’ve been using Linkedin since late 2006 to help bring healthcare professionals together (for free) to find answers to questions we all have.  It’s been growing slowly, but surely, and now we’re up to almost 1,000 members in our Linkedin forums.

Now, it looks like Linkedin is making some significant changes (see the great article below written by a nurse in one of our groups).  We thought you might be interested to see how the next big thing in Social Networking will work.

If you’re curious what we’ve been up to on Linkedin, feel free to check out some of these links. Feel free to join in the discussion.

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LinkedIn Revamped Site Now Puts It In Direct Competition With Facebook And Twitter LinkedIn is starting to roll out their new innovation – “Signal” to members now, with the beta service becoming available to all LinkedIn members over the next few weeks. While Facebook dramatically aggregated 550 million active users of all sorts over the last six years, skewing toward the young, LinkedIn—almost a year older—quietly amassed 80 million. The difference is that LinkedIn’s members are almost without exception sophisticated professio … Read More

via Red Brand Media – Social Media Strategists – Toronto, Canada

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