The New iOS 5 Update for iPhone 4: Download Problems & Greatness

Most of the people in my organization use iPhones and it’s been a disaster of a day.

To save any fellow iWarriors from losing the use of their phone/calendar/email reader and everything else connected to their iPhone, I wanted to give you a quick warning.

If you try to update the iPhone during peak times, you may lose the ability to connect to Apple’s servers and will be stuck in the middle of your update.  For some this may mean lost hours, to others I know, it meant a lost day.

The popularity is crashing the servers.

If you have any patience at all, it might be smart to wait until the dust clears.

If you’re one of those people, you may not want to read about the 200 new features on iOS 5.

It’ll be wonderful, but first you have to get through the disaster.

Sounds like real life sometimes.

Have an great night,


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