The Last Blog: “It’s time to go!”

It’s official.  I’m dying.

In some ways I’m still in denial and don’t talk about it nearly enough.  I’ve known for a while, but like many 8pm Warriors, I’ve been too busy chasing dreams to stop and share the important stuff before I leave this world.  Too busy to share what I was really about…what makes me tick.

I want to share the deep stuff.

Today was potentially my last birthday and this blog may be my last, so now is a good time to open up.  For those seeking a community of 8pm Warriors, you may relate to this post.

It’s time to go!

My first memory ever was playing with plastic Native American figures and green Army guys in the front seat of the U-Haul my father was driving from Milwaukee to Livingston, Montana.

My mother and sister were in the Subaru wagon behind us, and the only thing I remember besides the toys was the feeling of excitement.

We were going somewhere!

If today was my last day and I only had a few words left, I would urge my children, friends, and family members to please go somewhere!

Do something.  Act on your beliefs.  Don’t just wait, hope, or wonder.  Follow your dreams!

It’s time.

For me “going somewhere” is my first memory and hopefully it will be my last one too.  There’s something special about going somewhere.

Where should you go?

Start at the beginning.

For me, little did I know that those plastic warriors would stay with me the rest of my life.  My father later gave me the nickname “Warrior” and I played college football for the Warriors too.

I was definitely a warrior.

My closest friends, family, and colleagues know that my warrior passion is not usually directed at someone or something, but rather for someone or something that I believe in.  I love strategy.  I love motivation.  I love my fellow warriors.

“In the spring…the time when kings go off to war”

– 1 Chronicles 20:1

Spring is my favorite season.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed the stories of ancient leaders and heroes who led teams of people against evil.  Fiction or non, there was something inspiring about working together to do something truly amazing or unlikely.

Those stories continue to inspire me.

Naturally, leadership was the direction I pursued and if I couldn’t find the right team or organization to lead, I started a new one.  I now spend my time in marketing or executive leadership positions, using that love of storytelling and inspiration to rally my team members to accomplish feats they never thought possible.

It’s been a wonderful career and so today I ask you to consider your inspirations.

Where do you want to go?

I’m running out of time, and so are you.  We’re all dying.

Seize the day.

Have a moving night,


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Note:  I’m not aware of any specific terminal illness I may have, just that we are all dying.  Instead, I wanted to try a blogging twist on the traditional “Last Lecture” idea (academia).  Consider writing your “Last Blog”, it’s liberating.  A couple years back, I read the book “The Last Lecture” and determined that one should seize the day and share now, rather than when it’s too late.

Here’s more about that book:

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