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With the rapid improvements in technology and communication, social networking is thriving and full of new potential.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are known among all people, young and old.  As the dynamics of online communication are quickly becoming more important, companies are adapting to the trends.  One example is the Clear Medical Network. 

It was formed to provide an avenue for networking, discussion, and fun among all different healthcare professionals, as well as provide opportunities through consulting projects, leadership positions, and per diem work to all its members.  Members can also find supplemental health through the network.  Many people have already joined the free network and are intrigued about the opportunities that have already come their way. 

Members are also informed of any upcoming fun events in their area.  One example is a discounted 8 day cruise next year to the Mexican Riviera!  Starting at $319/person, this is not only great fun, but it’s a great value too.

Joining the network is free and takes less than a minute.  Once registered, members are informed of different forums they can join to network with other healthcare professionals within their specific profession as well as other areas of healthcare. 

If you are interested in joining, the site is  

There really is no downside, and it’s sort of fun to see the other side of things from the perspective of Doctors, Nurses, PTs, HIM Directors, or any of the other professions that are getting involved.

Questions: What do you think of the Clear Medical Network?

About the Author: Sarah Fore is a Staff Writer with the Clear Medical Solutions Communication Team.  Her work is regularly shared on the Clear Medical Agency newsletter and the blog.

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