Leadership: Here There Be Dragons!

Fear of the unknown is nothing new.  Ancient mapmakers drew dragons at the edge of maps where no one had ever gone before and added the words “Here There Be Dragons”.

The dragons represented fear of uncertainty.

Despite that same uncertainty, leaders like Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, and Neil Armstong ignored their fears, pushed into uncharted territories, and changed the world forever. Children still learn their names today.

Leadership is all about uncertainty.  Isn’t that the whole point?

No adult needs a leader to show them how to rest, find diversion, or get comfortable. That’s easy for us!

We need brave leaders when it’s time to push higher limits, conquer new fears, and take us where we’ve never been before.

Leaders go first.

There is still a place for bravery in a modern world and we need brave leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow and inspire future generations to do things that scare them.

Leaders can’t run from uncertainty.  They must set sail towards the dragons in life and show them for what they are.

They’re myths.

Have a brave night!


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