Everyone Thanks Differently

To make a difference with our lives we’ll need to give until it hurts.  Sadly, the hurt happens all too often when a recipient doesn’t seem to care, respond, or offer thanks.  It’s painful!

Everyone is thankful at some point in their lives, even your grumpy mother-in-law or former boss.   So why does it seem like some people are never grateful, no matter what we do for them?


People are always thankful to some degree. Maybe not as much as we’d expect or in the way that we’d expect, but they are grateful. It’s human nature.

However, most of us expect people to show gratitude in a familiar way. Otherwise, we feel they aren’t grateful and it hurts our ability to keep on giving.

It’s important to remember that everyone thanks in different ways.

The world is changing, cultures are mixing, and several generations are sharing the workplace.   Thanks can be found in a look, a tone, or a simple smile.  Maybe it’s a text message instead of a phone call or a tweet instead of a card.  It’s more difficult, but we need to be prepared to notice it, understand it, and appreciate it enough to keep on giving.

Sometimes in bad situations thanks may show up as a lack of something.  One less argument.  One less roadblock.  Not everyone writes a note, makes a phone call , or sends a card to someone they’ve had difficulty with in the past.

If we want to be happy with our family, colleagues, or neighbors, we need to be prepared for a different vision of gratitude.

The world is changing.

If you’re giving, watch for gratitude with a wider lens.  Find it and keep moving forward.  If you’re on the receiving end, thank bigger, never leave doubt, take some time.  It’s too important.

What’s your take?

Have a great night,


PS. If you’re looking for someone who is generous, successful and deserving of my thanks, check out Rich Quigley on twitter. He spent 2 hours with me on the phone this weekend sharing insights on one of my newest projects. It was an unbelievable gift from one of the sharpest guys in LA to someone he only knew from the twitter/blogosphere. I’m dedicating this post to him, hoping that I continue to find ways to show gratitude to those who are helping me along the road of life.
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Thank you notes

I’ve had all day and two separate Thanksgiving meals to think about what I’m thankful for in my career.  I thought I would share a couple of these thoughts with you.

  • Thank you to those who have helped form our new ideas.  You are some of the best and brightest people I know.
  • To all those who dared to try our new ideas, those who could see the vision before others could:  Thank you!  (It was visionaries like you who brought us the airplane, submarine, and spaceship)
  • I’m thankful for the lessons of life that make us better, more caring, stronger.  They’ve made us who we are, even though they hurt so much.
  • To those who choose to work with us, and allow us to pursue our dreams.  Thank you.  I will not forget your gift. 
  • To those who keep working, when the going gets tough.  Your strength inspires me.  Thank you.
  • To those who’ve said “Yes”, when it was easier to say “No”.  Thank you.  (It was your “Yes” that gives us a tomorrow and a future.)
  • Thank you to the friends who share our story with their friends and colleagues.  You are the sponsors of our tomorrow.

To my team members, friends and family:  Thank You for your support!

You mean the world to us.