Pigs Get Slaughtered

It’s no secret that this economy has some amazing 8pm Warriors in weak positions at the negotiating table.

For many buyers/employers out there, this may be the most muscle or power they’ve ever had when making a deal.  Consequently, I think some short-sighted people have gone too far because they can.

They may get their way now, but lose a future opportunity or resource in the process.

On Wall Street the saying goes “Bulls make money.  Bears make money.  Pigs get slaughtered.”  However, when someone uses their advantage to push for an overly aggressive win-lose deal for a unique person, product or service, both parties may get slaughtered.

Unique people or companies will soon have other options.  Now is the time to lock in the relationship.

Instead of pushing ridiculous pricing, enjoy the great discount you’ll get anyways, treat the seller/employee with respect, and take the chance to build a nice long term relationship.  That’s the way to lock in dividends for the future.

Don’t be a pig.

Have a great night!