Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Stimulus, We Need Fewer Roadblocks

Most 8pm Warriors I know are stimulated enough.  Growing, hiring, expanding, and moving forward is what we do.

What’s holding many of us back is concern about the changing landscape and the potential risks involved.

I’m not an expert in all industries, but I know from experience with real estate and healthcare that government regulations are holding back significant progress.  More questions are being asked, fewer answers are provided.

Confusion is a killer.

  • Will the government add more regulations or spook the markets?
  • Will we get taxed more for certain activities?
  • Should we hire now or wait to see what happens with healthcare insurance mandates?
  • Can the government even make necessary changes?
  • Will it take me three years to get my patent approved?  (hopefully fixed now)

The economy will grow when there are more answers, less questions, and comfort with where government is headed.

Do you agree?

Have a great night,


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