Big Changes or Small Ones?

Your choice.

So many people think they have a choice if they want to change or not.  However, reality is that we’ll either decide to make small changes as times and technology change, or make big ones when we get behind and have no other choice.

  • New technology is always being invented.
  • Public preferences and tastes develop.
  • Everything ages.

How will you deal with  inevitable changes?

8pm Warriors should spend some of their evening time researching, learning, and changing ahead of the curve, not behind it.  (Have you checked out Quora yet?)

Have a great night,


The End of the (Career) World as We Know it? (Part 3)

The last couple days, I’ve share some thoughts on the career research that Clear Medical Agency has been doing:

  1. The rise of the (healthcare) machines
  2. Billions of underemployed people connected through the internet

Today I want to touch on the second one:

Exhibit B:  The Mechanical Turk

After reading about the new advanced robotic systems being employed around the world, you might say to yourself, “but computers and machines can only do so much”. 

You’d be right. 

But what happens when you take billions of underemployed people (some displaced because of machines) from around the world, cut up hundreds of thousands of bite sized functions for them to work on via the internet, and then feed it to them?

You get…the Mechanical Turk

See how it works:

$0.10 anyone?

Relating this to healthcare, I’m wondering if we’ll ever see the day when patients log on to see the first available doctor via the internet.  We already have telemedicine and telemetry…

Your thoughts?


About the Author:  Aaron lives in Milwaukee, WI with his wife and two children and is the President & CEO of Clear Medical Solutions.  When he’s not leading new initiatives, he periodically takes on interim leadership or consulting projects.  He also enjoys teaching, speaking, writing, and sharing his passion for people and their healthcare.