You Are Reading This

I know you’re there.

You are reading this right now and wondering what the heck I’ll say.  The title wasn’t very descriptive and I didn’t begin with anything significant. I still haven’t said much…

For every writer, there is a you.

Writers and leaders sometimes forget about who’s on the other side of their emails, text messages, blog posts or reports.

It’s you.  It’s me.

We’re sitting on our laptop, iPad or phone reading what you send us.  You don’t see us, but we’re privately reacting and thinking about what you just wrote.

The moment we lose focus on the reader, our emails turn into barking, our blog posts turn into mumbles, our reports lose their soul and our written words fails to mean anything.

Write to someone.  Write for someone.

No matter how fatigued, distracted or busy you are, find your voice and speak to us like I’m speaking to you.  We’re here.

Have a great night,


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