A Salute to the 8pm Warriors Among Us


Still in the office at 8pm?

Unless your workday begins at noon, that’s a sure sign you’re probably working on something important.  It’s probably also a good sign sign that the project is probably in great hands.

While it’s probably not healthy to work in the office 8 to 8 every day, sometimes duty calls…and it’s the special people that answer.

Whether it be the deadline for that new building project finance package, the EMR implementation that has go-live around the corner, the new administrator helping to rally the staff on the NOC and PM shifts, or the hundreds of other scenarios we see at Clear Medical Solutions…it is important that someone takes the ball and runs with it.

You know who you are, and thanks for giving it everything you got when something important is on the line.  I’ve taken part in quite a few “after hours” adventures, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Thanks for being great, and if you ever need help we’ll be “8pm Warriors” right with you. 


Special thanks to our agents at our Clear Medical Agency division.  I am continually amazed and inspired at what you accomplish long after most have gone home for the day.  Keep up the great work, you’re starting to make a huge difference in the lives of the consultants, nurses, therapists, and hospital leaders you work with.



About the Author:  Aaron lives in Milwaukee, WI with his wife and two children and is the President & CEO of Clear Medical Solutions.  When he’s not leading new initiatives, he periodically takes on interim leadership or consulting projects.  He also enjoys teaching, speaking, writing, and sharing his passion for people and their healthcare.