Bred in Captivity, Can Generation Y Survive in the Wild?

Zookeepers breed endangered species in captivity to save them from extinction.  However, something bad usually happens.

When they release them into the wild, the animals that were bred in captivity often do not avoid predators and are not able to find ample food or shelter for themselves. They die as a result.

We are breeding humans in captivity.


In an effort to protect children from the dangers of failure or setback, some have made them unfit for the wild world they’ll be living in. For years, I’ve watched parents and teachers lie to their children.

In the name of self esteem, they comfortably praise children for everything they do, even when they fail to do anything special, smart, or strong.

You tried?  Here’s a trophy or ribbon!

Unfortunately, this isn’t real life. Now that Generation Y is out in “The Wild”, they are surprised when the company they applied to doesn’t think they’re special, the words they write aren’t smart, or their strongest performance isn’t enough.  They learn that anything but first place may not be good enough.

Confused, these young people move in with their parents, go back for more school, or join the Occupy Wall Street protests.

They were bred in captivity.


If we want our children or team members to know how to hunt or protect themselves, then we must teach them how at an early age.  No longer should people be praised because they participated.  It is lazy and easy to praise everyone for everything.  Far more difficult and important, is to find the specific gifts that each person has, encourage them to use the gifts, and then support them as they fail, learn, and grow.

We must teach them to fish, not give them fish.  We must show them the real world, not hide them from it.

We must let them fail.

The school of hard knocks teaches real life lessons.  Losers will become learners. Failing may be the best thing that can happen to a young person.

Let them grow up in the wild.

Have a wild night,


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Fatherhood in an 8pm Warrior World

Unlike my Mother’s Day post, I can talk about Fatherhood with some level of authority.   I understand that there are many different models of parenthood, but these are thoughts from my perspective as an 8pm Warrior with a wife who works from home.

Fatherhood is tough for me.

I think Fathers in my situation have an impossible mission to be role models in a modern world and have their young children understand or love them equally. Maybe that will change with time (my kids are 2 and 4), but it’s something I think about often and I wanted to see what other 8pm Warriors thought about it.

Here are my options:

  1. Do my best, push my limits, and make a difference in the world (8pm Warrior option)
  2. Get a typical 9 to 5 job and have more time to focus on my family

Either way I feel like I lose.

If I choose the second option, there isn’t much to take my attention away from family on weekends or evenings.  Sounds good, but my problem is that I don’t think I’d be doing my best.  I’ve got a ton of energy and ideas, so doing less than my best doesn’t seem like a way to set an example for my children.  Furthermore, in this era I’m not sure a 9 to 5 job would be a secure position. If you want to be secure, you’ve got to be irreplaceable.

That’s hard to do if you ignore your work on evenings and weekends.

That’s why I chose the first option.   Consequently, I see my children for 15 minutes in the morning and 90 minutes in the evenings before they go to bed at 8pm.  I’m with them on most weekends, but I’m distracted many times.  Yes, I do take vacations, but in the past they were often combined with light work such as the Clear Medical Solutions annual company cruise and other events where I was speaking.

Consequently, my kids prefer my wife in nearly every situation.

If they’re hurting, hungry, sad, tired, or just want a hug they always choose my wife over me when given the choice.   In some situations, I’m not even an option.

Luckily, my wife is an amazing mother and I’m confident that my children are growing up to be warriors in whatever field they choose.  So maybe I just need to stop whining and be thankful.

What’s your take?

Have a great night!


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