Here We Go! (Again?)

2012 is here.  We made it!

Does it feel like New Year’s Day keeps coming faster and faster each year?

What is changing?


Are you?

Every year I can’t help but think of the people I know that had big plans, huge hopes, and daring dreams for the last year. I’m always pulling for my fellow warriors, so I hate when it’s all talk, no action.

Warriors go to war, they don’t just talk about it.

I’ll never understand how some folks act like there’s an unlimited supply of days like today. Fresh starts. New years.

Here we go…again?


The problem is we only have so many new years before we run out.  This is a sobering thought for sure, but true nevertheless. What would you do if this was your last New Year’s Day?

Would you still keep dreaming or would you start doing?

If you need a calendar to push yourself, take it. But please don’t keep putting off what matters.

You might push it right out of reach.

Have a great year,


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“New Decade” Resolutions?

Yesterday I asked if you need to work hard, or just want to.  After discussing that topic all night, here’s a great follow up question…

“What are you working towards?”

What do you hope to achieve with all this 8pm Warrior work?  Have you ever stopped to think about it?  Have you written it down?

This is the time of year people make lists of New Year’s resolutions that are short term goals such as losing weight, being happier, saving money, falling in love, getting a job, etc.  As we all know, these resolutions are notorious for not happening.

What a waste…

Let’s try something different this year.  Since it’s the beginning of a new decade on Saturday, let’s go a bit bigger and try something like “New Decade” resolutions.

I’m a big picture guy, and believe that if you figure out what you’d like to do with your life, you’ll do a better job of making resolutions that will not only be more achievable (more motivation) but be more enjoyable as well.

If you’re curious how I’ve done it, check out my list of public goals at  If you have any advice, I’d love to connect with you and hear how you achieved it.

Have a great night!