Who Do Leaders Tell When They Stub Their Toe?

We all stub our toes.

We all want to tell someone about it.

When we’re kids, we go to mom or dad.  In school, we call our buddies.  In a marriage, we have our spouse.

I don’t know many successful organizations with two people at the top, and most leaders sit alone when they get hurt, make mistakes, weigh important decisions and need help.

Who was sitting with Leo Apotheker this week as he waited for his firing?  Who helped Steve Jobs pack his things when Apple’s board fired him in 1985?

Leadership can be a lonely business.

It doesn’t need to be.  When leaders allow themselves to join their team and open up, they find something magical happens.

They’re not alone.

Everyone knows we’re human.  We need to act like it.  People expect it and respect it.

We need to open up when we stub our toe.

Have a great night,


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