6 Ways to Help Fix Your Facebook EdgeRank Problem

Since 2008 I’ve done a lot with Facebook pages and seen a lot of data.  We used these pages to promote new ventures or create communities (like the 8pm Warrior page) and my team tried to be as engaging as possible.

The EdgeRank problem (fans not seeing your posts in the news feed) is not a new one, we’ve been dealing with it for years.  However, Facebook recently made changes to it and irritated a lot of people.  I am one of them.

I got this private message today.

As I’m sure you know, Facebook has their “Edgerank” and interactive ranking systems that determine who they think should be able to see liked page comments. You may or may not have found the lack of fan reach from your page frustrating.

From one page admin to another, do you mind if I ask…how do you personally deal with the limitations Facebook puts on page reach?

Here’s what I’m seeing now.

Going off the “XXXX people saw this post” report on the bottom of unshared updates, I looked at some recent numbers.  Updates from my older community pages (like this one) get viewed by up to 75% of the fans for free.  My newer brand pages (like the page for my new Attention Era Media video production group) don’t do nearly as well, getting in front of up to 50% for free.  Most are about 40%.

For less active pages, like the 8pm Warriors discussion page, only about 15% are seeing the posts.  When I share this post, only about 80 people out of almost 500 will see it in their news feed.  Not so good for discussion.  In fact, it’s the least discussion of any major platform I use.  Blog comments, Google+ communities, and Twitter are all far more active.

Edgerank is not so nice for casual pages.

What I do about EdgeRank

The first thing I do is try to share the best content possible, as regularly as possible. Facebook rewards pages that earn engagement by giving them more attention.  Pages that don’t update often, get fewer likes/comments/shares and don’t get Facebook EdgeRank love.  Pages that people aren’t passionate about, don’t get seen.

That’s the point of EdgeRank.

So, while we continue to keep our various Facebook pages active and engaging, here are five other things we’re doing to help make sure people still see our content:

1) We buy ads

Starting at $5 per day, their new system of promoting a page is pretty slick.  Only problem is once you get the fans, they have a very low EdgeRank page history rating because they probably aren’t engaging with the page much at first.  They only clicked the “Like” button on an ad.

If you do #1, you probably need to look at #2 shortly thereafter.

2) We pay to promote posts

We only do this on posts that are really important.  It does get more eyeballs than pre-EdgeRank days.  However, it’s gonna cost you some money.  The cost starts at $5 and goes up from there.  It depends on how many fans you have.

The Dallas Mavericks have to pay $2000 to reach 40% of their fans.

3) I’m trying to move away from Facebook as much as possible.

There’s no getting away from Facebook.  It’s too big, too important.  However, I am trying to diversify my investment of time and money for community building.  I blog here and at AttentionEra.com, as well as use Twitter @Biebert, @AttentionEra, and @8pmWarrior extensively.  I’ve also been using Google+ communities and Linkedin more lately too.

4) We tag people in posts and comments to get them to talk.

Facebook will be more likely to show future posts to people who Like, comment or share the posts they do see.  Tagging them gets them involved.  Don’t be spammy, but don’t hesitate to tag someone if they are in an article or should be part of the discussion.  If you look at our updates, you’ll see that we don’t abuse it.

5) We “Like” and comment on our own stuff.

Pure and simple, Facebook rewards posts with more likes/comments/shares with more views.  Sadly, even our own likes and comments count.  Yes, it’s weird.  Yes, we do it anyway.

6) We’re utilizing our personal pages when appropriate.

Even though EdgeRank applies to people’s personal updates too, they are much more generous with people compared to pages.  I used to use my personal Facebook profile exclusively for private stuff.  No longer.  If we’ve had some good conversations online, I’m looking to connect personally via Facebook.

I recommend that every single member of your team Likes your updates and then comments/shares the update when appropriate.  That will be a good start.


That’s about about all I got on this topic.  Hope it helps.

I would discourage folks from using the EdgeRank system as an excuse.  It is actually quite brilliant and makes Facebook more user friendly.  Plus, everyone has to play by the same rules.

Yes, it does give a bigger voice to bigger companies.  The level playing field is gone now.  However, if you’re posting regularly and intelligently (non salesy, engaging stuff), you’ll get engagement and more views.

What are you seeing out there?

Have a great night,

Aaron @Biebert

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I Am Full of Myself Sometimes

I admit it.

On Saturday, I wrote Open Letter to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters after watching the news and seeing some of the silly signs the protesters were holding.

It was cold.  I was cold.

I was focused on myself.

I got so caught up in fighting back against these ideas, that I failed to realize my wide swipe at these folks would hurt real people.  People I know.  People that are hurting.

They didn’t need my lecture.  Most just needed my help.

Positive change is not about being right.  Without an understanding, being right does nothing but cause resentment.  When people focus on helping the other side, the real change begins.

We must seek to understand first, then offer help.  Once others see you’re not full of yourself, real dialogue happens.  Suddenly the weapons are put away.

I didn’t do that.  All I did was encourage those who already shared my beliefs and upset those who needed help.  I was wrong.

Please accept my apology.

Have an understanding night,


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Warrior of the Week: Philip Nowak

What is an 8pm Warrior?

As part of my mission to build this community, I’m going to feature a different person each week who defines what it means to be an 8pm Warrior.

Meet Philip Nowak, a social media engagement manager for a Fortune 50 retailer.  He is also the founder of Firmology.com, a small business news and information media company.  In addition to sharpening his writing skills at PhilipNowak.com (one of my favorite blogs), Philip is working on his first book slated to be published in 2011.

His passion is contagious. You’re going to love not only his blog, but his business goals, bucket list, and much more.

I asked Philip to share his goals, the action plan, ways our community can help, and advice he has for other 8pm Warriors.

Here’s what he said:


I just blogged about my bucket list recently, so this topic is still top of mind.  Professionally, I aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, well-respected thought leader and bestselling author.  Some fun things I’d like to accomplish include continuing to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, earn the independence required to travel the world and to learn a couple of new languages (Russian and Chinese Mandarin).  Most importantly, I aspire to be a loving husband, a proud father and to be able to provide my family with the best of everything: home, health, education and endless opportunities.

Action Plan:

Currently, I am working moving forward with five key projects: my day job, Firmology.com, PhilipNowak.com, my first book and learning Russian.  I attack all of my goals with ferocity and not a day goes by without me working on at least two key projects.

My day job is currently the most important project on my list as it provides the financial backbone for everything else that I am working on.  I strive to learn as much as possible each day and have had the opportunity to gain experience working on a wide variety of projects within the social media, social commerce and ecommerce spaces.

I launched PhilipNowak.com as an outlet for my personal thoughts or as I like to call it, ‘PHILosophy.’  Consequently, blogging every single day has sharpened my writing skills and made the task of writing my first book much easier.  Practicing different styles of writing is also helping me gear up for the launch of Firmology.com.

Finally, I practice Russian using Rosetta Stone as much as I can each week.  I’m learning Russian so that I can better understand and communicate with my girlfriend’s family.  Given the fact that we plan on teaching our future kids Russian and Chinese Mandarin, I decided that it was critical for me to learn both in the next few years.

Help Philip:

A project I could use help with is Firmology, a small business news and information media company.  I’m currently looking for small business innovation story submissions and writers within the topics of business strategy, technology, mobile, social media and social commerce.


The one piece of advice that I tell over and over again is this:

“You have to take little steps before you can take giant leaps.”

I have learned firsthand that you can have all the passion in the world, have amazing ideas and make huge plans, but in the end you have to execute on the boring little details from start to finish.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t gain any traction in the beginning stages of your idea, plan, project or vision.

This applies to everything, whether you are studying a new language, launching a startup, trying to get into shape or even writing a book.  Keep your head down, execute day after day and you’ll eventually reach your goals.


We’ll be featuring his material all week on the 8pm Warrior twitter feed and facebook forum.  Here are some other ways to connect with Philip:

Twitter:  @PhilipNowak

Blog:  PhilipNowak.com

Company:  Firmology.com

If you have a favorite 8pm Warrior you think we should feature, please let us know by sharing a link to their blog/website in the comment section, tweeting @8pmWarrior, or posting info on the 8pm Warrior facebook forum.