I’m doing this because I feel lonely.

It’s not that I’m a loner or anything like that.  If anything, I’m exactly the opposite (I’m an extreme extrovert).  Over the last 6 years I’ve been building communities for people who have a common interest or career (i.e. therapy, real estatehealth information management, jewelry, staffing, nursing, healthcare accounting, etc.).

All told, I’ve made about 80,000 connections, most of whom have no idea who I am, what I do, or what motivates me to spend nearly every waking minute thinking of them and their needs.

Now I need you.

I’ve been reflecting on things, and I realize that I’d like to enjoy a community for people like me.  People who like to discuss big ideas, love what they do, and sometimes stay up all night figuring out ways to make it rain.  I figured you might like it too.

Here it is. Welcome to the tribe for 8pm Warriors!


Now what?

If you have any ideas, please post below in the comment section or on the wall of the 8pm Warriors Dicussion Forum on facebook.  At first we’ll highlight some big ideas we’re seeing, post your questions to the group for peer support, share info on good books that you’ve read, and any other idea that comes up.

I’m game.